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Matrix of light


“We are not going in circles , we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.”

Hermann Hesse, “Siddhartha”

Experience the Mystery of Matrix Reimprinting

A Heart Centered and Safe Experience for Healing Relationships

colliding-spiral-galaxies-604173_640“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” –Rumi

Does this sound familiar?

Do you keep have the same argument again and again?

Do you want to change or fix your partner?

Do you think you would be better off with someone else?

Is it hard to speak your truth or be honest with your partner?

Is there room in your relationship to have different ideas and interests?

Do you want your partner to fulfill your needs?

Are you physically as close as you would like to be?

If you’re ready to end this cycle of dissatisfaction, Matrix Reimprinting can help shift that.

I discovered for myself how life changing Matrix Reimprinting work can be. I have been in 2 long term relationships the first one for 10 years and the second one for 40 years. I have traveled many ups and downs in my relationships. I now enjoy all my relationships in their many dimensions.

I use EFT and Matrix Reimprinting techniques to help heal relationship challenges. Doing this can change your core beliefs that were formed long ago. From there you will create new supportive pictures which will help you move forward in your life and relationship in more positive ways. It is possible for one person to change in a relationship and have the relationship shift into a new positive direction.

I used to joke that I was suffering from divine discontentment, and I thought everyone must have it. After my first Matrix Reimprinting session, I woke up the next morning and said, “Wow I feel content.” This was new for me. Discontent was not even my focus in that session. After my next session I felt more grounded in myself (also a new feeling for me). I continue to experience breakthroughs and new positive emotions with subsequent Matrix sessions. I have found Matrix Reimprinting to be both subtle and profound for myself and clients.

An amazing facet I have noticed after Matrix Reimprinting sessions, myself and my clients are less triggered in our present-day relationships and our personal relationships improve.

Another aspect that I love about Matrix Reimprinting is it that is empowering for the client because he or she can to go back in time and tap on their younger self. YOU are the one who is helping your younger self and actually doing the healing. The practitioner is the guide for the process.

It is my passion and honor to share Matrix Reimprinting with as many people as possible.  I’d like to help you move forward in a new positive direction; however that might look for you. You might just be surprised when you find what that direction is.

Contact me at and we can set up a FREE 20 minute session.

I practice through my ordained minister license and am not a licensed therapist or health care provider.

Matrix Ancestral Reimprinting is a brand new Meridian Tapping Therapy. It evolved from the popular self-help technique EFT.Matrix Reimprinting also uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system that is used in acupuncture. EFT has a long and impressive history of resolving physical and emotional health issues.

matrix of light
Carolyn Mann-Grove