Books on Matrix Reimprinting

Karl Dawson & Sasha Allenby Matrix Reimprimting using EFT,

Karl Dawson & Kate Marillat Transform Your Beliefs, Transform Your Life

Sharon King Heal Your Birth Heal Your Life

Books on the science behind Matrix Reimprinting

Dr. Robert Scar 8 Keys to Brain Body Balance

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Morphic Resonance:

Dr. Bruce Lipton The Biology of Belief

Dr. Bruce Ecker Unlocking the Emotional Brain

Books on Relationship

Winifred Reilly, MFT It Takes One to Tango

Books on Family Constellation work

Bert Hellinger Loves Hidden Symmetry

John Payne The Presence of the Soul

Mark Wolynn It didn’t start with you

Books on Enneagram Personality types 

Don Riso & Russ Hudson Personality Types

Helen Palmer The Enneagram in Love & Work

Books on Healing your body

Gabor Mate’, MD When the Body Says No

Bessel van Der Kolk, MD The Body Keeps the Score

Michael Finkelstein, MD Slow Medicine

Books on Addiction

Gabor Mate’, MD In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts