“Carolyn is a powerful healer in the gentlest of ways. She is highly skilled and experienced in using EFT and Matrix Reimprinting. She uses creativity, intuition, and a playfulness to help me get to core issues in new ways that I had not seen before. She has spent her life doing her own work, so deeply understands her clients at their most vulnerable. The space she creates allows me to be comfortable in that vulnerable place so that I can move through old emotions and stuck energy.” —Julie Visnich LCSW/LAC

“Today Carolyn I really learned more about myself, with the help from you. Thank you very much for working with me these past few months. I truly have grown into me since our first session. I will continue to grow and learn new ways each and every day. I feel alive for the first time in my life. I had lost that Adam a very long time ago. Now he is back. I let life drag me down but know I am letting life fill me up. If that makes any sense. Thank you again for the fantastic session.” —Adam Miskow

“Working with Carolyn was such a gift. She has a deep sense of presence and the ability to hold therapeutic space with both strength and gentleness. I immediately felt safe and, more importantly, that she “got” me, both of which allowed me to drop into a surprisingly playful, yet profound healing place.” —John C., Northampton, MA

“Doing Matrix and EFT work with Carolyn around relationships has been nothing short of amazing. She gently guided me to find the root causes of many old fears and helped me to transform them into desired beliefs. During our 5 weeks working together many things transformed for me. I am no longer afraid to open my heart to others and be seen for who I truly and authentically am. I now have such clarity for what I want in both my personal and professional relationships. It’s like a veil has been lifted. I have a deep knowledge that I am desired and needed for showing up as my authentic self and I now have a sense of limitlessness joy, fulfillment and abundance for my life and my relationships. It’s not that I have changed from doing this work necessarily, but rather that I have been able to become more of who I truly am. Not only have the results been monumental, but the whole process was such a fun experience too! Carolyn is a joy to work with and she has a way of making you feel so calm and comfortable during the whole process. She is intuitive and compassionate, and genuinely supports you on your journey. I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity and highly recommend working with her if you are ready to make positive and lasting changes in your life.” – Jill Ford www.jilllenaford.com

“I have experienced an amazing lightness and release of pain from old memories that plagued me for decades as a result of my work with Carolyn. Her gentle and friendly demeanor allowed me to find just the things from my past that were keeping me stuck. My matrix reimprinting work with Carolyn is nothing short of miraculous. It IS possible to change things that seemed set in stone! ” —Sarah Grace Powers, Holistic Hot Sauce www.holistichotsauce.com

“Carolyn is very caring, gentle, and approachable. From the start, I found it easy to talk with Carolyn about the issues I wanted to work on and then strongly supported by her during the sessions.” —Catherine Grotenhuis

“Carolyn is a gifted healer, her presence with me as a somewhat difficult client has been authentic, gentle and helpful in more sustained ways than I expected. ” —Precita M Grove

“Matrix Reimprinting is probably the most profound work I have experienced in my life. I have tried numerous therapies to heal my pain in the past. I highly recommend Carolyn Gravely because through her patience and perseverance I have been able to shift my consciousness into a new positive direction. –P.I.

Carolyn Mann-Grove
Carolyn Mann-Grove


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